Course FAQ

Who can take these courses?
New Orleans musicians who apply will be placed in the classes we feel will best serve them. Please note, you must apply to be considered.

How do I apply?
Fill out our online form (preferred) or call (504) 943-9671 for an appointment to pick up a hard application from our office.

What do your courses offer?
We offer a wide array of courses and workshops, and our courses are designed based on community need. In all our courses, we try to fill-out music business skills by giving musicians more access to diverse revenue streams. Rather than just teaching about concepts, we use hands-on approaches to make sure the skills are practiced and money is found during class time. Take a look at our Courses page for more detail.

How many people are there in each course?
We try to keep our classes small (under 7 people) to give hands-on help in executing music business practices, rather than just learning about them abstractly. We require all our participants to spread their knowledge throughout the community to those they think could benefit from what they learned.

You must get a lot of applicants, and your courses are small. How do you determine who gets in?
After using the applications to decide who is best for which courses, we interview the selected applicants to determine:

  1. who can commit to the full time-frame.
  2. who is willing and able to share it with their community.
  3. who wants it the most!
  4. HINT: We especially like to see bandmates and partners take classes together, to really help each other ingrain their knowledge.

How long are your courses?
Our courses meet every week or every other week, and last anywhere from one month to three months.

How long are your classes?
Each class is 1.5 – 2 hours long.

How many different courses do you offer in a year?
In our first year, we are offering 6 different courses:

  • Fan-Funding
  • Getting the Gig
  • Music Contract Workshop
  • Contract Negotiations for Women
  • (6) sections of Fan-Engagement (including BandZoogle workshops)
  • (2) sections of Accessing Current Revenue Streams

Where do you meet?
We have been fortunate to partner with the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music in the Musicians’ Village in order to use their state-of-the art computer labs.

Who teaches your courses?

  • Fan-Funding is being co- led by Jayce Varden, one of the founders of the cutting-edge fan funding platform: PledgeMusic.
  • Getting the Gig is being taught by Donna Santiago, a well-versed music manager in New Orleans.
  • The Music Contract Workshop is being co-led by Edgar Gankendorff of Provosty & Gankendorff LLC.
  • Fan-Engagement courses are taught by Google’s Community Leaders Program and David Dufrezne of BandZoogle.
  • Our Program Director, Sarah Gromko teaches the Accessing Current Revenue Streams course, and monitors and helps in all the other classes.

How do you decide what courses to offer?
We design the courses based on the applications we receive and by talking to the community to determine what gaps in music business knowledge need to be filled.